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Catherine has spent over 25 years in the world of retail gaining exposure in all aspects of design and manufacturing.


Having made her name in forecasting trends and designing beautiful Christmas decorations, Catherine set up her first product design company in China, with a manufacturing base around Asia alongside her UK Design Studio in Liverpool. Services include providing Trends, product design, print and textiles, branding and packaging to the majority of the UK leading retailers, supermarkets and direct factories.


Catherine’s love of fashion, illustration and beautiful designs inspired her to launch Catherine Loves, where Catherine and
the team use their eye for detail to design collections of cards and gifts which was launched at NYNOW.

Catherine Loves Supplies retailers throughout the UK,USA and Canada.

Catherine understands the intricacies and expectations of organisations that operate to serve customer needs and is recognised for thinking differently with a commerciality approach yet keeping a fresh perspective.

Rachel joined CLP Designs in 2015 and has become a partner of Catherine Loves; with over 20 years of experience in graphic design, illustration, print application and editorial layouts. Catherine and Rachel share a joint love of fashion, travelling and creating beautiful products.

We also work with universities to offer placements to students to give them invaluable experience and opportunities within the design industry.

The design studio in Liverpool has built a reputation with clients offering a professional, commercial and innovative design service with a team of creative designers in-house, leading to remarkable results across the design and retail industry.

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